Spray Tanning

The most innovative and natural looking sunless tan on the market today. Our 99% natural based formula enriches your skin with intensive hydrating properties. It disguises cellulite, stretch marks and skin blemishes. There is a choice of 3 colorus, Light, Medium & Dark. Ask your therapist for her expert opinion on the colour that would best suit your skin type. There is a tried and true method of preparing for your tan, so ask at reception when making your booking.

Exfoliate and tan
Firstly, experience our all over body exfoliation with Thalgo’s stimulating body polish leaving your skin feeling re hydrated and velvety soft. The 99% natural based Liquid sun spray tan formula is then applied giving you the most natural looking sunless tan. This is a fantastic skin treatment and tan all in one.

Naked Tan & Liquid Sun
All Natural * No Alcohol * No Parabens * Odour Free

Your experienced Therapist can advise you on the choice and colour that best suits your skin.
You can choose from either the 2 hour or the 8 hour wash off option.

For the best results, please follow the Spray Tanning advice bellow.


The night before your tan.

Exfoliate entire body, paying particular attention to elbows, knees & and ankles. Moisturise, paying attention to above areas.

Before your tan.

Exfoliate entire body again and don’t use any moisturises, perfumes or deodorants. Wear in loose dark clothing, bras are not recommended for a few hours after your spray.

Caring for your tan.

Wash bottom of hands with soap ½ an hour after your spray, being careful not to splash water on any other parts of the body. When showering for the first time, most of what we sprayed on will wash off, this is normal, what has remained is the tan you will have for the next week. To maintain your tan, keep the skin well moisturised. Please follow your Therapists advice on the length of time to leave your tan on before showering.