Cosmetic Skin Needling

Smoothes lines, wrinkles, folds and improves the appearance of acne scars. Enhances absorption and evens out pigmentation.

A safe, simple and virtually pain-free treatment for scarring, wrinkles and lines, lack of skin firmness and elasticity, acne and chicken pox scars, enlarged pores, sun damage, stretch marks, under–eye bags and cellulite.

Skin Needling is the latest skin renewal technique to restore the healthy youthful appearance of your skin at a fraction of the cost and with minimal or zero downtime.

Skin needling produces similar results to Dermabrasion, Lasers and Deep Chemical Peels, but is much less invasive and does not require the removal of the epidermis. As a result the healing time is significantly shorter and there is no post-treatment skin sensitivity to UV light.

It is also one of the few skin therapies that are suitable for treating all skin types, including ethnic skin, and which can be used to treat the fragile skin around the eyes, mouth and the neck.

How will I look immediately after treatment? 
Your skin will be red and flushed in appearance in a similar way as moderate sunburn. You will also experience skin tightness and mild sensitivity to touch. This will diminish greatly after a few hours following treatment and within the next 48 hours you skin will be completely healed. After 5 days there is barely any evidence that the procedure has taken place. The Length of the downtime and recovery time depends on the micro needle size used in your treatment.