HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) 

Look 5 to 10 years younger with HIFU. Working with high intensity focused ultrasound energy, HIFU is the next generation in advanced, non-invasive facial lifting technology, penetrating to depths only previously possible with cosmetic surgery.

With thousands of skin building energy shots, your skin is transformed from deep within its foundation… giving you cosmetic surgery results with no needles, no knife and no downtime!

HIFU is a safe, ultrasound treatment designed for anti-ageing, facial lifting and body sculpting. Micro-shots of high intensity focused ultrasound energy are beamed through the surface of the skin stimulating new collagen synthesis while at the same time tightening muscles, improving skin texture, reducing wrinkles, firming and lifting the skin, giving you a sculpted, tightened and lifted new look… naturally. 

 Face and neck $990