Ear Piercing

All piercing includes choice of studs (4 years of age upwards)

After care
Ear Piercing is very popular. However, without proper care, infections are also very 'popular.' Here are some tips on how to care for your newly pierced ears. First of all, make sure your ears are pierced at a reputable salon.

We use hypoallergenic studs. Once you have your new piercings, you'll need to clean your ears once daily, turn the earrings gently, after a shower this may hurt at first, when the piercing is brand new. However, it will prevent germs from getting in this new opening before it heals, and will go a long way towards preventing infection.

Twice daily spray the piercing with Ear Care sold at Harmony Beauty, to prevent infection.


Ear lobe piercing includes choice of studs (4 years of age upwards) 

Lower lobe only $43